Our Core Values

At Game Crazy, our culture drives our core values, which is the basis for our brand and customer service strategy. We believe that for us to succeed as a business, we should:

1. Be likable

2. Be transparent and honest

3. Not always focus on the bottom line

Can you really like a business? Many businesses today appear to be faceless corporations with no real personality. It's hard to like a business when you don't really know who is running it or what they care about.

At Game Crazy, we like to share stories about our peeps with you. We want you to see the real us. We are good, fun people that really care about the same things you do - making your life easier, funner (yes, we know it's not a real word) and more memorable when you are with your kids, friends and family. We believe that if you like us as people, then you'll love doing business with us.

We also believe that we should be honest, fair, kind and transparent. We pledge to treat all of our customers with respect, listen to your needs and complaints, and work together to resolve them in a fair manner. This is the foundation of building an open and honest relationship that benefits everyone. 

Lastly, our culture is about having fun and going out of our way to provide convenience, not always just focusing on profits. We wholeheartedly believe that if we focus on happiness - happy staff, happy customers and believing in a higher sense of purpose - then profits will follow.

Game Crazy Core Values

We live and breathe our core values. They are woven into every aspect of our business - from the services we offer to how we interact with our customers, employees and partners to giving back to the community. We live by these core values:

  1. Seek to WOW customers, co-workers and business partners
  2. Create fun for customers at every touchpoint
  3. Take the time to connect with people and build open and honest relationships
  4. Constantly innovate
  5. Care for and support our local community
  6. Make work fun and rewarding

The core of our business is creating happiness. We don't want you to be merely satisfied with our services. We want to WOW your socks off! It is our mission to constantly find ways to surprise you and make your experience fun and memorable. At the same time, we are constantly brainstorming new services to offer. (You can help by sharing your ideas with us!) We believe that the rising tide lifts all boats - so if we can help other businesses succeed, we will succeed.

We have to have a higher purpose than just profit. So we work with businesses, charities and fundraisers to find ways Game Crazy can support their mission and goals.

Lastly, the core of creating happiness starts with our staff members. Their happiness is crucial to your happiness. So we focus a lot on creating a happy work environment.

Our culture and core values help shape our brand. Thank you for taking the time to read them and we hope that we get the chance to WOW you soon!

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