Party Places for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Your kid’s birthday party is perhaps one of the most important events of the year and requires plenty of thinking and planning. But if you’re considering hosting a birthday party at an outside venue, such as a kid’s club or playground, think again.

While you can definitely throw an expensive party outside and blow more than $1,000 on basic party planning, the impact may not necessarily be as grand. On the other hand, you could save a lot of money organizing the party in your home backyard (or inside) and allow your little guests to have double the fun! More food, more decorations, more activities, more laughter!

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Here are some key reasons why throwing a home birthday party works in your favor:

  • Save on food expense
    Don’t worry if you have a limited budget; a backyard birthday party gives you the option to serve easy and affordable food items like hot dogs, chips, and candy. Kids love these treats and don’t really need an extensive, sophisticated buffet. And of course, a cake will always make them happy!
  • A chance to get creative
    If you’ve been putting off doing some art and craft projects with your kid, this is the time to grab all those magazines and take inspiration from the web. How about having some fun and creating your birthday decorations at home instead of buying them from a store? Select a fun theme like Minions, LEGO, Minecraft or Angry Birds and throw the coolest kids’ birthday party in town. And don’t forget to get your little one involved. They can help you make the invitations and create decorations. Another plus- they learn some party organizing skills.
  • Double the games, double the fun
    When you plan a birthday party somewhere outside, there is always a limitation when it comes to playing games or planning kids’ activities. But with a party in your backyard, you can go all out and get the kids to play as many birthday party games as they like. And the options for both indoor and outdoor games are unlimited- video game bus, graffiti wall, laser tags, Giant Jenga, LEGO SumoBots, water tag, obstacle course, Minecraft and much more! Check out these multiple options at Game Crazy Party.You could even pick a theme for your kid’s backyard birthday party and organize games around that theme. Think Angry Birds, Minecraft, LEGO or any other unique idea that your child may have!
  • A more memorable event
    There is no denying the fact that birthday parties organized at home are the most memorable ones. Think back to your own childhood and recall which parties you liked the most. The answer would likely be the ones organized at home or in your backyard with your friends and family around. There is definitely something special and unique about home parties. Your kid might be bored of visiting the same venues for every friend’s birthday. Wouldn’t it be great to plan a party that invites everyone to experience the warmth of your house?

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Why You Should Try Teaching Academic Concepts Through Games and Simulations

Each generation of children are getting more and more tech-savvy. The current generation of school-goers is already submerged in the world of technology. As such, the attempt to educate children suing traditional classroom and book method is not entirely effective. Although we haven’t yet reached a point where we can give up on traditional teaching methods entirely, we have to think of new ways and means of getting children to learn things that are otherwise ‘boring’ to them in more fun and creative ways.

The After School Enrichment Programs & Camps that Game Crazy Party offers do exactly this. Fun is only on part of these games and programs. On a deeper level, children are actually learning many things more effectively. Here are a few reasons why we think such kind of programs should be increasingly made part of every school’s curriculum.

  1. Children remember better

The key to remembering things is interest. If the children are not interested in what you’re them, there’s no way that those concepts are going to remain with them for long. Now if the same concepts are transformed into a fun video game or a game of Minecraft, your students are going to remember the concepts more easily because it was they themselves who proactively learnt them- although they weren’t aware about it!

  1. The world is moving to audio-visuals

Just as watching a news story is more interesting than reading one, watching and experiencing educative concepts are more interesting to children. That’s why a number of schools are moving to teaching aids such as the use of videos and short-films.

However, this may not be enough for a generation that easily loses interest in things.

Children need something that can keep them engaged. That’s why, the use of educative games is seen as very effective because the students are actively engaged in learning.

  1. Highly competitive world

The world is becoming more competitive each day. A number of parents try to prepare their children to face the competition by loading them with studies. However, somewhere down the line, children lose their creativity and lose out on the fun that they should be having as children.

It’s exactly for this reason that Game Crazy Party has games such as Camp Startups, Cartoon animation and Robotics. Children learn concepts through these games that can really go a long way in shaping a brighter future for them.

Check out the whole range of games we offer at Game Crazy Party, and book your games with us on our website or by contacting us at 1-888-55-GAMECRAZY (888-554-2632).


Planning a Smashing Angry Birds Birthday Party

SUMH angry-774029_1280

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Angry Bird fever doesn’t show any signs of dying down and with a full length movie due to release shortly, things will only get more exciting. Here’s the lowdown on how you can create an action packed Angry Birds themed party for kids of all ages, and adult fans of the legendary game.

Bring the Angry Birds game to your doorstep

There’s no better way to wow your guests than with a real life version of the game. Every bit as exciting as the phone or tablet versions of the games, and a hundred times more addictive, a live action Angry Birds game is a winner. The crew from Game Crazy set up a complete life-size game in your yard. Expect slingshots aplenty, bricks and the usual suspects – pigs, birds and all. Pop your bird into a slingshot and aim them at the pigs so they can retrieve their precious eggs.

Set up an Egg trail

Get hold of a bunch of ready colored fillable plastic eggs and pack them with treats or make your own set of eggs painted with Angry Bird faces. Assign values to each kind or color of egg and send everyone on a hunt. Whoever scores the most wins. Don’t forget to add in some golden eggs too!

Organize a pig stomp dance

Inflate some green balloons and sketch on or paste on pig faces. Scatter the balloons on the dance floor and turn the music on. Everyone will have fun stomping out all the ‘pigs’ as they move to the music.

Piggy darts

Set up a wall with pig targets – just attach inflated green balloons with pig faces added on. Give everyone pointy darts that they use to try and attack the pigs and make the balloons pop.

Bowling – Angry Birds style

Use old soda bottles to double up as the pigs. Just print off bottle wrappers with the mugs of those infamous pigs on them, line ‘em up and use an Angry Bird print ball to knock them down like bowling pins. An alternative is to use old cans for pigs, stack them up in a pyramid and then give guests the ball to knock the pile over.


If you are game to be part of some real life Angry Birds style action, visit our website at or give us a call at 888-55-GAMECRAZY (888-554-2632) to go over the details for your party and to find out how you can rent the addictive Angry Birds equipment.


Rent A Video Game Bus/Truck For A Kid’s Birthday Party

If your child loves video games, then he or she will LOVE the Game Crazy video game bus/truck. It’s gaming heaven on wheels and it makes for a great birthday party!

Game Crazy Video Game Truck Bus

Our video game bus/truck has 3 TVs on the outside hooked up to Wii and XBox consoles. This gives kids room to play a lot of the motion based games on the Wii console while standing outside the game bus.

Game Crazy Video Game Truck/Bus

The inside of our game truck has 3 more TVs that are connected to XBox consoles. The inside also has cool lighting, surround sound and even a fog machine!

We can drive up our video game bus right up to your driveway. Our game coaches are on hand to set everything up and stay for the duration of the party to entertain the kids. We serve all of metro Detroit – Oakland, Wayne, Macomb and neighboring counties.

Visit our website – or call us at 888-55-GAMECRAZY (888-554-2632) if you’d like to rent the video game bus for your child’s birthday party.

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LEGO Stop Motion Animation Summer Camp – Oakland, Wayne, Macomb County, Detroit MI

Game Crazy is offering LEGO Stop Motion Animation classes all of this week at Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield!

Photo: Game Crazy is teaching LEGO Stop Motion Animation at Franklin Athletic Club this week. Next week, we will be teaching Cartoon Animation at Franklin Athletic Club. Stop by to enroll your child.

Children are natural born storytellers. This gives them the medium to bring their stories to life. Using LEGOs, kids learn how to develop an idea, create characters, story board scenes, build backgrounds, time sequence shots and put it all together with music and green screen effects to create their very own animated movie that they take home to show their parents!

Kids will let their imagination run free as they wear many creative hats – from script writer to casting and music director to special effects technician and finally movie director!

Check out some of these animations that the kids created on Day 1 after learning the basics of LEGO Stop Motion Animation:

Game Crazy has unique, fun and highly creative summer camp ideas for all ages. Visit our camp page here or call us at 888-55-GAMECRAZY (888-554-2632) to discuss how we can bring our unique summer camp activities to your camp next year.


Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Boys & Girls – Game Crazy – Oakland, Wayne, Macomb County, Detroit, MI

Game Crazy was out and about all over metro Detroit this weekend doing birthday parties for boys and girls. Check out this fun video from Brayden’s birthday party. We set up inside a church in Birmingham and the kids had a blast with laser tag, hamster balls and the video game truck. In this video, the kids are running around like hamsters inside of our Human Hamster Balls.

Visit our website at or call us at 1-888-55-GAMECRAZY (554-2632) to find out all the fun party entertainment games that we offer.