Beach Birthday Party Games for Kids

After a long winter, summer is finally here. You no longer have to hold birthday parties indoors as you can go out and enjoy the fresh air. Kids love going outdoors, especially to the beach. So why not have a birthday party on a beach nearby? Both parents and children can have a great time. Why not make it an unforgettable event by adding a few party games for the birthday? Here are five great beach birthday party games for kids.

  1. Water Tag
    Kids and adults of all ages can have loads of fun with this laser tag type game which involves using water guns and soak vests. Put them on and have the excitement of your lifetime by blasting everyone with water. The vests measure how much water hit you and once the meter becomes full, you’re out of the game. Coupled with the sea splashing water nearby, it will an entertaining challenge.
  2. Fun and Fit Obstacle Course
    A family friendly game, the obstacle course consists of six enjoyable challenges with two teams that will get everyone off their feet with joy. It starts with one team member doing five pushups, followed by crawling through a tunnel, climbing over a mini wall, through an inflated obstacle course and finally ending the first round by hopping back to tag their teammate who then goes through the same course. With sand everywhere making it challenging, you are guaranteed to have a ball of a time.

  3. Sand Castle Building Competition
    Kids love playing with sand and building sand castles is one of their favorite pastimes. Form teams of two set a time limit and have them build their sand castle. Moreover, you can ensure that everyone gets a gift for taking part by providing prizes for the largest castle, best castle, unique castle, and more.
  4. Beach Ball Race
    To play this game, you require spoons, a pair of sunglasses, hats, and a beach ball. The aim of the game is to run to your teammate while balancing the beach ball on the spoon. Give them the ball, the sunglasses, hat, and the spoon and go back to the start of the line. The first team to successfully complete the race wins the game. The size of the team depends on how long you want the game to go on for.
  5. Blanket Volleyball
    Divide the kids into teams of four and give each team a blanket. Each player gets one corner of the blanket. The team that has to serve the ball has to launch it by placing it in the middle of the blanket and throwing it up. The objective of the other team is to catch the ball with the help of their blanket. The team with the most number of points wins the game.

These games are extremely easy to play and will keep both the children and adults entertained for hours to come. If you want to organize and make your party the best ever, contact Game Crazy Party.

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How to Throw a Themed Party for Your Child

Every parent knows that throwing a party for a child today is not the same as it used to be in the good old days. Following are a couple of ways to organize a theme party for your child that will make him/her appreciate the effort.

Image Credits: Pixabay

Try out a graffiti wall

This is so much fun where kids get to experience the joy of paintball, clip art, stencils and create something crazy on the face hosted on the wall. As they customize the artwork, they can click away to their heart’s content and upload pictures on Facebook. This really gets the party started and the giggles in full gusto.

Playing Candy Cannon ups the game (pun intended)

Everyone stuffs the cannon gun with anything she/he desires, be it a tee, stickers or candy, and when they fire it into the air, they make candy rain. This is so cute and definitely a great way to make the special day count for your child.

Cupcakes versus a birthday cake

Ask your child whether she/he wants a big cake. Remember that kids have a tendency of changing their minds faster than the speed of light, so prepare yourself for a change. A plan B needs to be in place, in case the cupcake idea is way off base, plan for a big cake, just in case!

Organize a cook-a-thon

This is not really a theme per se, but it does bring the kids together without any fuss, and make them dive into their baking genes. Let them come up with something new in the kitchen, but always hang around in case they need help or if they make too much of a mess.

Game Crazy brings the games to your home where kids get to play any game that they choose at home or outdoors. Mobile gaming carts have large television screens with Xbox consoles. This will get the kids zoned in immediately as they play the latest game and rake in the points. The one who wins is entitled to get the prize, which should be worth his or her effort.

A theme party needs the place to look the part. The place needs to be ruffled up so that the kids can have a blast. Game Crazy has a number of really smart and cool ideas for parties for kids of any age group. Given that gaming is big today, this will definitely make the party fun.

Get in touch with the experts at Game Crazy Party to plan your kid’s next birthday party.

Animal Themed Party for Your Kid’s Next Birthday

Ok, so let’s face it! Kids love animals and kids love parties. Combine the two together and you’ve got yourself the party of the year! Think about it, your precious tot’s birthday is coming up and you’re fresh out of innovative and fun ideas to make your kid’s birthday unique, special and something that he’ll remember for years to come. More than that you want to throw your kid a party that’ll have the other parents wishing they had come up with that theme.

And theme could be – Animals in the Outdoors!

Now if you have pets at home be it a dog, a cat, birds or even a pet rat then your kid is already pretty comfortable being around animals and it’s even easier to get started. The first step in planning your kid’s animal themed birthday party is, of course, sending out the invitations. Have customized invitations printed with each invitation having a different animal printed on it asking friends to join in the jungle fun.

The next and most important step is planning a theme for your kid’s party that is centered around animals. Here are a few fun animal party themes –

  1. Favorite animated cartoon or movie based around animals – if you ask your kid what his favorite animal-based cartoon movie is he’s probably going to say ‘Madagascar’ or ‘Zootopia’ or ‘Ice Age’, so plan his party with the characters from these lovable movies. Hire the costumes for Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo and the rest and have your friends and family dress up in them.Plan fun games like scavenger hunts (to find the squirrel’s acorn from ‘Ice Age’, animal races (to see whether Gloria’s weight will stop her from beating the rest) and ‘guess the animal’ which can teach the kids a lot about animals too. You can also add some obstacle courses to increase the fun quotient. Learning and fun pooled together will make for a great birthday party.

  2. Animal Games Apps theme – have the central theme of the birthday party fashioned after the extremely popular ‘Angry Birds’ game app or ‘Talking Tom’ and see the kids frolic and take photos with their favorite angry birds – Cardinal, Loon, and the rest. Have the birthday cake designed after one of the animal games or apps and cut each kid a slice of their favorite animal character!
  3. Mini-zoo – another theme that you could try out for your kid’s birthday party is to hire a petting zoo to bring animals to your home, such as ponies, dogs and cats, birds and some cool reptiles and rodents. Set up a photo booth where the kids can strike funky poses with an intriguing Burmese python or an iguana. Have pony rides for the younger ones and have the zoo staff teach the kids interesting facts about different tropical spiders. This party will definitely beat blowing up the same old balloon animals!

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Throwing the Best Birthday Party for your Teenager

Toddlers and kids are easy to handle, but when it comes to planning a birthday party for a teenager, you’re expected to make sure it’s the best. Teenagers can be hard to please, but if you plan right, then you’re definitely going to make a success of it.

The easiest way to plan anything, especially birthday parties, is to have a party planner set and make sure that things go according to schedule. Here are some ideas on how you can plan and throw the most memorable birthday party for your teenager.

  1. First things first, make sure that all lines of communication are open. Ask your teen what they would like and wouldn’t like. A lapse in communication can cause some serious damage later, and the last thing you need is a grumpy teenager on your hands. Ask them for their input on venues, themes, games, etc. If you’re planning a surprise party, then you might want to ask your kid’s friends or teachers for some ideas.
  2. Set a budget for the party. Now that your child is no longer little, you’ll need to loosen your purse strings a bit for the party. Not that it’s a bad thing, you’re just making sure that everything is taken care of and everyone has a good time. But make sure that you have a budget in place and this will help you decide on the venue, food and beverage, and entertainment.
  3. Decide on the venue ahead of time. If you’re going to book a venue closer to the date, you might have to pay more than booking it in advance. Since it’s still cold outside, you could consider booking an arcade, a bowling alley, an indoor pool, an indoor skating rink, or even a movie theater. When the weather is warmer, you could even have the party in your backyard. Select a theme for the party, if necessary.
  4. If you’re looking to throw the most awesome birthday party your teenager will ever have, then you’ll need someone like Game Crazy Party. These party organizers know everything about birthday parties and they are all about having a good time. They organize indoor and outdoor games like Minecraft, graffiti wall, video game bus, LEGO SoccerBots or SumoBots, and mobile gaming carts.
  5. Now that you’ve taken care of most of the things, all you need to do is decide on the menu. Make sure that you take all the kids’ needs into consideration and keep in mind of any allergies.

These tips should help you plan and organize the most wonderful and memorable birthday party for your teenager that they would never forget.

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Outdoor Party Games for your Little One’s Birthday

With spring right around the corner, it’s time for you to welcome warm weather again. With flowers blooming and birds chirping, it would be a sin to stay indoors all the time during spring. And with your child’s birthday coming up, what better way to celebrate it than have an outdoor party?!

With warm sunshine and a cool breeze, spring is the best time of the year to celebrate birthdays outdoors. Here are some ideas for outdoor games that will guarantee that the kids have a great time.

Three-legged race

This game is very popular and you probably have played it when you were a kid. The rules are very simple. Divide the kids into pairs, standing next to each other, and tie their inside legs together. Make a start and finish line, and the pair that reaches the finish line first, wins.

Scavenger hunt

Kids love looking for stuff, so organize a fun scavenger hunt in your backyard. Hide small trinkets in different places and create a list of these items. Have the children make small groups and give each group a list. The first group to find all items wins. You could make it more exciting by adding a pirate theme to the scavenger hunt and have the children search for “lost treasure.”

Have a photo booth

Who doesn’t love pictures of special moments? Create a small photo booth in your backyard and have frames of different shapes and designs. Collect different props like colorful wigs, feather boas, plastic crowns, a pirate or cowboy hat, and fake mustaches for extra fun. If you’re hiring a professional photographer, you are guaranteed excellent pictures from the photo booth as well as the rest of the party.

Classic sack race

Kids love bouncing around, so channel their energy into organizing a potato sack race. Make it more fun and colorful by decorating the potato sacks with cutouts, ribbons, or beads. Each child gets a sack and they line up at the start line. The first kid to reach the finish line by hopping all the way wins.

Hire a party organizer

Professional party organizers like Game Crazy Party are great with outdoor activities. They have all kinds of fun games like hamster balls, portable laser tag, water tag, angry birds, and candy cannon. They even have a video game bus so your kids can play cool video games in their van which has huge TVs and the latest gaming consoles.

Spring birthdays are the best, and it’s up to you to make sure your little one’s birthday is super fun and memorable. Try these ideas and make sure everyone has a great time.

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Great Themes for a Wonderful Winter Birthday

Planning a birthday party for a winter baby can be a pain. The weather is dull and dreary, and all everyone wants to do is stay indoors. The cold months make it super hard for you to plan the perfect birthday party for your little one. But don’t let it get you down. All you need are some creative ideas to get the party going. To help you, here are some ideas for a fun winter birthday that your child will definitely enjoy.

Winter wonderland

This is one of the most popular ideas for fun winter birthdays. The best way to make the party more memorable is for you to make the theme more personal and stay away from clichéd ideas. Create personal decorations with your little one’s name and add in some winter-themed decorations as well like snowflakes, penguins, igloos, etc.

A costume party

Kids love dressing up, so why not throw a costume party for your little one’s birthday? Your child and you can have a lot of fun creating the perfect costume for his or her party. Let your child choose a costume based on their favorite things, like super heroes, ballet dancing, animals, sports, etc. Invite all your little one’s friends over and have them dress up in their favorite costumes and be prepared to have a blast.


There’s no child in the world that does not love candy. So why not take this love and make a party out of it?! Convert your house into the perfect candyland with colorful paper, floor tiles, and pinatas. Make sure you have lots of tasty candy for your little guests, and you can also include some healthy veggies, sandwiches, and fruit salads that will help add to the colorful theme of the party.

Party at the ice skating rink

Make this year’s winter birthday the most memorable by making reservations at your local outdoor skating rink. The rink will have seats for the grown-ups to sit and relax while their kids have a blast on the ice.

Call the experts

If you want your little one to have a truly remarkable winter birthday, then all you have to do is get in touch with Game Crazy. They are experts in throwing fun birthday parties that are perfect even for winters, such as Minecraft, LEGO SoccerBots, Inflatable Movie Screen.

Don’t let the cold months of winter stop you from planning the perfect birthday party for your special child. These ideas should help you and your child have a great time on their special day.

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Here’s how you Plan a Fun Winter Birthday

Summer birthdays are fun. The sun is shining bright, the trees are green, and the weather is just perfect for an outdoor birthday party. But what do you do if you child’s birthday falls during the icy months of winter? Well, despite the snow and the freezing cold, you know you have to make your little one’s birthday as special as you can. Here are some ideas on how you can beat the cold and plan a fun winter birthday.

Fun sleepover

Invite your child’s friends to sleep over at your place. Your child will have a great time spending the night with his or friends, opening presents, eating cake, drinking hot chocolate, and telling stories. Move around the furniture in the living room so the little ones can put their sleeping bags together. Don’t forget to leave out extra blankets. If you want to change things a little, have the sleepover at a hotel. Book a couple of suites and have the hotel arrange the party for you.

Ice skating birthday party

Winters are the best time to go ice skating, and what’s more fun than celebrating your child’s birthday at an indoor ice skating rink? The kids will have a blast on the ice, chasing each other and making figure-8’s. You could even hire a teacher so that the beginners don’t feel left out.

Hockey game

If your kid is into sports, take them to a hockey game for their birthday. Look online for match schedules and book tickets for your family and friends. Everybody loves the action-packed atmosphere at a hockey match.

Theme party at home

To throw a theme birthday party, you’ll have to first decide on what your little one likes best. You could choose from their interests, be it sports, dancing, animals, books, superheroes, magic. Your local hobby center will have decorations that abide by the theme. A theme party at home is a great idea, especially if you’re planning a surprise birthday party. If your kid loves soccer, why not have a party themed on soccer!

Fun movie night

Since the temperature outside is less than favorable, have a fun movie night to celebrate your child’s birthday. Let him or her pick her favorite movies and invite their friends over. Cozy up in front of the movie, bring out the marshmallows and popcorn, and that’s about it.

If you’re not keen on any of these ideas, you could always hire a professional planner like Game Crazy Party who are experts at throwing the best birthday parties for kids. Browse through their various birthday party options, even for winter, and choose one that your kid will love. Let Game Crazy Party throw a birthday party your child will remember forever.

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Add Life to Your Office Party With a Graffiti Wall

Photo booths are passé. With them you get only images.

With the Graffiti Wall from Game Crazy Party, you can get ‘fun’ images. All you need to do is take a picture of yourself, your friends or all of you together in the same frame, and upload it to the Wall. You can then literally have fun playing around with the digital effects.

You could use digital spray cans (this saves the hassle of a cleanup later) to unleash the creativity hidden inside you. They come in several colors, so if you don’t like the way your work look like, you could try a different color – or re-do it all over again. You can also insert clip art into the image, change the background to make the image look more funky, or use stencil effects for the text (it would be the best way of having a caption for your image, don’t you think?).

That is not all. You can customize the photo with glasses, mustaches, skirts, funny hairdos or mohawks for each person. In fact, there is so much more you could do.

And the best part? You can upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to let the whole world know of the insane amount of fun you and your colleagues are having at the party. If it is too embarrassing, you could still share it via email with those who couldn’t make to the party to let them know of how much fun they missed. Or you could just email it to yourself, so that you have a copy of your work. Just to remind you that hanging out with your office buddies can actually be a lot of fun.

It also stands as testimony to your creative artistic genius.

If you can’t wait to share it with your family members when you get home, you can print out a copy for their benefit. This works well as great prop when you narrate the fun you had at the office party.

You could also print out a copy for yourself, if you think having a real photograph is a better way to treasure memories than some image on your phone. After all, you could lose by accident whatever you have stored on your phone/tablet/laptop when you click on the wrong button; or when your device gets corrupted and the data gets subsequently wiped out.

The Graffiti Wall is something those at the party might not have come across before. This increases the chances of them wanting to try it out.

Simply put, the Graffiti Wall is perfect for your party – it is a lot of fun!

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Guaranteed Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Your precious little one’s Birthday is coming up, and you’re at a complete loss for ideas. Calm yourself down and read through some of our guaranteed fun Birthday party ideas.

Every parent wants their kid’s Birthday party to be a super fantastic day of the best party of the year.  Separate yourself from the humdrum overdone Birthday classics like masks, dancing games, balloon clown gimmicks.

Given, organizing a kid’s birthday party can be complicated, and a lot of work, to top things off deciding on a fun theme is the trickiest part. Here’s a list of fun kid’s Birthday ideas that guarantee a fun time and will make the birthday girl or boy feel incredibly special.

Adventure Time

Kids love adventure, the idea of going on a fun mystery day. Make it as thrilling or bizarre as you like. Party decor helps bring the adventure theme alive. Use wallpaper that resembles a forest indoors, or create the ambience you’re looking for with effectively freaky lighting outdoors. Think along lines of the upside down in Stanger Things, or something spooky yet super fun.
Go all the way with party invites written in invisible ink, a mystery that needs to be solved. Throw in a scavenger or treasure hunt with creative and witty clues that lead to a mysterious prize.

Birthday Party Parade

Get your party guests to participate in this inventive and artistic theme. Children love everything art and crafts. This party theme is low on the purse strings and high on fun and imagination. Let the children make banners, flags, noise makers, and if you feel like mini mobiles and floats, creativity knows no limits or bounds. Go crazy creating a fabulous atmosphere and unforgettable time.

Ballet Girls

If you have a baby girl you’re celebrating, there isn’t a better fit than a ballet theme party. Have everyone dress in cute little ballet inspired outfits, with wee princess tiaras and hairdos.

Play amusing games with a dance theme, where everyone has to freeze still whenever the music stops.

Wild Wild West World

A fun theme for both children and parents, recreate a rugged, no rules barred, sheriff v. hoodwink, sort of space. Have places like a racoon saloon for thirsty travellers just passing through the dusty town. The kids will love dressing up in chaps, gallon hats, bolos and the like. Take a gander and find yourself having the time of your life.

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Working on Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party? These Tips Can Come Handy

Surprise parties are so much fun, but planning them can be quite tricky. It can take a lot of work getting the whole thing organized while keeping it a secret from the birthday boy or girl. Here are some helpful tips on organizing a surprise birthday party.

  1. When you’re planning the surprise party, make sure everyone is aware of what time it’s scheduled to start. This will help you and your friends and family organize the party so that no one comes in late or early and ruins the surprise.
  2. While sending out invitations or other details, make sure that everyone knows it’s a surprise party. If you know friends who are bad at keeping secrets, it would be a good idea to not include them if you don’t want the surprise prematurely revealed. This is especially important if there are going to be little children attending the party.
  3. Organizing a surprise party can be quite the task, but make sure that you’re super careful that you don’t leave any clues lying around. Delete emails, eliminate evidence, and always remain on your guard.
  4. Always plan ahead. Things could go wrong, the cake isn’t ready, the birthday person is arriving early or decides to stay at home the entire day, some important people canceled, etc. Make sure you have back-up ideas to help the party go smoothly.
  5. But don’t stop yourself from planning a surprise party in a short period of time, either. Sometimes, the most memorable birthdays are impromptu celebrations. And nothing says “surprise” like impromptu celebrations.
  6. On the birthday, if you’re planning on decorating the area with lights, candles, flashy decorations, etc., make sure none of this is visible from the outside. It will give away the surprise even before the birthday person enters the area.
  7. Assign someone the task of photographing or filming the big moment. Make sure they are situated at a strategic place where they get the best view. You could also give your attendees disposable cameras so they can immortalize more wonderful moments from the special day.

These ideas are very helpful if you’re planning on throwing a surprise birthday party to a special someone. But if you’re not willing to go through the trouble, you could always hire professional party planners like Game Crazy Party who will do all the tough work for you. They have video games, obstacle courses, laser tag and a whole lot of other activities you can choose from to make the surprise birthday even more special.

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