3 Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Themes

Birthdays and fun go together! Here are some ideas on themes for planning a fun-filled birthday party for your kid!

Camping theme

Camping is always such fun for kids and adults alike! Start by putting out a signboard with a camp name. It could be hand painted or printed. Small tents and camps can dot the landscape while you can even arrange a small bonfire in the middle to get the adrenaline going!

Image Credits: Pixabay

Outdoor games are easy to plan with Game Crazy’s Archery Wars. A fun filled, action packed outdoors game, the Archery Wars lets the kids develop their archery skills. Shooting arrows at opponents, dodging the fire and running for cover, kids are in for a big dose of entertainment! Else, you could let your kids learn what it is like to be a hamster in the giant Human hamster balls!

Nature theme

Nurture your love for nature with a nature themed birthday party. From dressing up like cavemen to hunting for nature’s treasures, the nature party can get wild! Arrange fun trinkets of nature like shells, pine cones, feathers or eggs all around your backyard. The winner is the one who collects the most number of nature’s treasures.

If you want to turn up the excitement, the Angry birds game from Game Crazy is the right choice. The game fits in right with the nature theme, with the birds, pigs, eggs and slingshots.

The Kids Fun and Fit obstacle course is another great way to have more fun outdoors. Kids have to wade through rings, crawl through a tunnel, and negotiate a mini wall and inflated obstacle to earn their prize!

Robots theme

Kids are sure to love the idea of a robot themed birthday party! There are many ways you can set the scene for a robotic theme. From baking microchips to nuts, bolts shaped cookies; you can unleash your creativity to build the fun! Designing a robot shaped invitation card is just the beginning. Use square tins to hand out the short eats, and have all the kids dress up as their favorite movie bot.

Game Crazy has the perfect set of bots that can engage the little ones endlessly in the robotic arena. They get to build the bots using legos and learn how to bring them to life with some simple programming. They can then pit their Sumo bots against each other to increase the fun quotient.

For more details, get in touch with Game Cray Party at http://www.gamecrazyparty.com

Bring Out the Artist in Your Kid

Every child is a born artist, said Picasso! Drawing, painting, craft work and building are all creative expressions have benefits that go beyond just keeping them engaged.

Research has even shown that art in any form develops other areas of the brain involved with language, memory, mathematical skills and social behavior.

The CIVITAS Healing Arts project found that art is a very effective therapy in children who have any kind of trauma.

So, get the art set out, and bring out the amazing inner artist in your kid for the next birthday party!

How to encourage creativity in kids!

  • Clay fun: The next birthday party theme could be using clay in different ways to create unique shapes. Let the kids experiment and mess around with lots of clay.
  • Fun with color: Another idea to bring out the artist is to allow children to express themselves using color. The colors could be in form of paint, crayons or different colors of clothes, scarves or stoles!
  • New paint brushes: New ways of painting can be experimented with at the next birthday! Tell the kids to find new things to paint with. Don’t be amazed at the list of things kids could come up with including feathers, pencils, and sticks. Kids are not bound by the rules of the world, and often make their own rules and boundaries!
  • Use everyday objects: Let your kids build something from everyday objects or scrap. For this, you would need to collect a few bottle caps, stones, shells, pinecones, old toys, spoons and unbreakable dishes. The objects can also be used to paint on a blank canvas or paper. Encourage kids to make their own unique prints by dipping each object in paint and printing or drawing on canvas!
  • Use unique games: Games Crazy Party has an amazing fun way of discovering the artist in the kids. Called Graffiti Wall, the kids can go berserk and unleash their creativity on the wall. The fun begins with taking a snap with friends or family or a pet, and uploading it on the wall. Digital spray cans and fun stencils and clip art can then be used to add any amount of artwork on the photo! Changing the background, to writing graffiti, there is no end to what the kids can do on the Graffiti Wall! The artwork can even be shared on Facebook for more fun!

For more details, get in touch with Game Cray Party at http://www.gamecrazyparty.com

Throw an Adventure Themed Birthday Party for your Kid

Every parent wants to throw a memorable birthday party for their. But it is so easy to run out of ideas each year. Well, here’s an idea for your little one’s upcoming birthday: why not throw them an ‘Adventure Themed Birthday Party’?

Forget booking expensive commercial venues and having your kid and their friends get bored with outdated activities. Throw them an adventure themed party in your own home with these useful tips.

Tip#1: Pick an adventure theme

Adventure is a big word, isn’t it? There are so many different elements that can help you plan an exciting adventure themed party. What will help you narrow down your options and finalize on a theme is ‘observation’.  Focus on the things that get your child excited and happy. You might need to spend more time with them to know what interests them the most. Some of the common things that kids love are animals (or a specific animal), a specific genre of cartoon or books, an activity such as cycling and so on.

Once you know what gets your little one ticking, you can plan the adventure party theme around it!

Tip#2: Make a list of supplies

When throwing an adventure themed birthday party, you might have to make two different lists of supplies: a basic list of regular party supplies such as plates, cutlery, cups, decorations, napkins etc. and another list of things you might need to borrow ore rent. For an adventure themed birthday party, you might like to consider the items such as:

  • A trampoline
  • Adventure movies/soundtracks like Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean etc.
  • A tree-house or tent
  • A swing set
  • An obstacle course
  • Safari accessories such as hats, eyewear etc.

Game Crazy has a brilliant obstacle course that you can use in an adventure party. It is a relay course that needs two teams and has six fun challenges. There are rings, tunnels, a mini wall and other exciting elements that will get all the kids running, hopping and crawling. Perfect adventure!

Tip#3: Get props for your guests

You don’t need to hunt for very expensive props for an adventure-themed party. You can easily find some very basic things in your own home that would serve as perfect props for an adventure themed party, e.g. a little bucket, an old table-cloth that can be worn as a cape etc. Let your guests be creative with these props!

For more details, get in touch with Game Cray Party at http://www.gamecrazyparty.com

Outdoor Party Games for your Little One’s Birthday

With spring right around the corner, it’s time for you to welcome warm weather again. With flowers blooming and birds chirping, it would be a sin to stay indoors all the time during spring. And with your child’s birthday coming up, what better way to celebrate it than have an outdoor party?!

With warm sunshine and a cool breeze, spring is the best time of the year to celebrate birthdays outdoors. Here are some ideas for outdoor games that will guarantee that the kids have a great time.

Three-legged race

This game is very popular and you probably have played it when you were a kid. The rules are very simple. Divide the kids into pairs, standing next to each other, and tie their inside legs together. Make a start and finish line, and the pair that reaches the finish line first, wins.

Scavenger hunt

Kids love looking for stuff, so organize a fun scavenger hunt in your backyard. Hide small trinkets in different places and create a list of these items. Have the children make small groups and give each group a list. The first group to find all items wins. You could make it more exciting by adding a pirate theme to the scavenger hunt and have the children search for “lost treasure.”

Have a photo booth

Who doesn’t love pictures of special moments? Create a small photo booth in your backyard and have frames of different shapes and designs. Collect different props like colorful wigs, feather boas, plastic crowns, a pirate or cowboy hat, and fake mustaches for extra fun. If you’re hiring a professional photographer, you are guaranteed excellent pictures from the photo booth as well as the rest of the party.

Classic sack race

Kids love bouncing around, so channel their energy into organizing a potato sack race. Make it more fun and colorful by decorating the potato sacks with cutouts, ribbons, or beads. Each child gets a sack and they line up at the start line. The first kid to reach the finish line by hopping all the way wins.

Hire a party organizer

Professional party organizers like Game Crazy Party are great with outdoor activities. They have all kinds of fun games like hamster balls, portable laser tag, water tag, angry birds, and candy cannon. They even have a video game bus so your kids can play cool video games in their van which has huge TVs and the latest gaming consoles.

Spring birthdays are the best, and it’s up to you to make sure your little one’s birthday is super fun and memorable. Try these ideas and make sure everyone has a great time.

For more details, get in touch with Game Cray Party at http://www.gamecrazyparty.com

The Dos and Don’ts of Throwing a Birthday Party for your Toddler

It’s normal to have a low-key first birthday party for your little one, but as he or she grows older, you know that “mellow” can no longer be the theme. Toddlers are full of energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity. They are very easily impressed, but they can also easily become upset. As a parent, you’re more than familiar with your little one’s habits and responses, so remember that it’s not important that you throw a huge birthday party. What you need is a special one that your child will enjoy. Here are some dos and don’ts on how you can plan and throw a great party for your toddler.


Keep the party short

Since toddlers are full of energy, they tend to burn themselves out rather quickly. After an hour or two of having fun, your little one will be tuckered out and ready to relax and perhaps retire for the night. Make sure you don’t plan a lengthy party, and keep the other parents informed of your plan as well.

Arrange age-appropriate activities

Toddlers don’t have lengthy attention spans, and you wouldn’t want them getting into fights at the party. Plan some fun activities like a craft table or a dance. If you’re willing to let the experts handle it, reach out to Game Crazy Party planners who are specialists in throwing fun birthday parties for kids of all ages. They can arrange for your kids to play games like Minecraft, Videogames, giant Jhenga and so on. They can even set up an inflatable screen for the kids to watch movies on.


Leave the other parents guessing

When you’re creating the invite, make sure you include all details such as theme, location, and time. Since you’ll be inviting your child’s friends for the party, make sure the other parents are aware of what time the party will begin and what time it will end. Mention if you will be serving brunch, lunch, or evening snacks so they can prepare their child accordingly. If you have a theme party, send out the invites a couple of weeks ahead so the other parents will have enough time to arrange for a costume or decorations.

Focus on entertaining the other adults

This party is about your little one, so make sure he or she has your undivided attention. You obviously want to be the perfect host and entertain everyone, but it is the little ones that need your attention and not the parents. They can take care of themselves. However, it is advised to prepare some grown-up sandwiches as well.

These ideas should help you throw a wonderful party for your toddler. Arrange a theme, hire a party planner like Game Crazy Party, and be prepared to have a lot of fun with your little one.

Planning A Fun Kids Winter Themed Party Indoors

Planning your child’s birthday party is not always an easy project. Your kid would probably want to throw a party better than what his arch rival in class had six months ago and still has everyone talking about it. A kid’s party has to be unique, memorable, and above all super-duper fun!

Planning parties in summer are easy. Set up a barbecue or hot dog stand by the pool; if you don’t have a pool, blow up one and put it in the garden, throw in some lemonade and cool drinks, maybe hire a clown to bring in some cool birds, reptiles and rodents and you’re good to go. But planning a kid’s party in the winter season is a little more complicated.

Here are a few fun ideas for a kid’s party – whether a birthday party or just a regular party, in the winter season:

Snow’ed in

The name says it all. If you live in a place where it snows in winter, then you can even have this party outdoors – all you need is lots and lots of snow. Invite a bunch of kids over and have them compete on who can build the best snowman or make the biggest snow angel and reward them with a popsicle of their favorite flavor or a winter goodie bag that has customized gloves – now any kid will just love those!

If you aren’t lucky enough to live somewhere that gets snow, then you’ll need to organize artificial snow hence the name snow’ed in. an indoor snow party can be just as much fun as an outdoor one. Make sure to have lots of hot chocolate on standby!

Skate away

Go one step ahead and organize a skating rink in your garden or backyard and skates for everyone. With a skating rink party, you don’t need to plan anything else really – the kids will be so busy trying not to fall that they might not notice the huge snowman cake and Santa chocolate chip cookies you have secretly hidden in the kitchen. For those kids who don’t want to skate organize a winter-themed arts and crafts section inside and have them make anything that reminds them of winter. Prizes will get the kids’ brain juices flowing faster.

White Winter Wonderland

When Christmas is nearing the kids are already excited for the holidays so having a Christmas-themed winter party for the kids is even better. Have a white colored theme and insist on all the kids wearing their best white colored outfit. Adorn every kid with a cotton ball garland as soon as they arrive at the party. Everything at the party will be white including the cups, plates, party hats, streamers, and ice!

You can hire party planning experts like Game Crazy Party to throw your kids a fun-filled winter party. With games like Giant Jhenga and Lego SoccerBots, the kids are sure to have the time of their life.

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Throw The Coolest Birthday Pool Party For Your Kid, This Summer

Who doesn’t love a cooling dip in the pool when the temperature outside is blaring? Add to it the birthday celebration of your child, and you have the recipe for the most fun party, ever. You will also graduate to the ‘cool parent’ with these tips on making your child’s birthday party and epic pool party!

Decoration Ideas

  • Popsicle Balloons: An interesting decoration idea is Popsicle balloons. All you require are twisting balloons and Popsicle sticks. By including these on the buffet table, a festive environment is created.
  • Float Invitations: Safety is the primary concern when throwing a pool party for children. Send out invites in the form of personalized floats. You can add your own design by using a permanent marker. Mail these when they are not inflated to add to ‘wow’ quotient.
  • Beach Balls: You can recycle old paper lanterns into colorful beach balls. All you need is paint and a little free time. You can string painted beach balls along the walls to create a ‘beachy’ atmosphere.
  • Welcome Garland: String a few flowers together, fresh or paper one, and welcome each guest with a garland.

Game ideas

  • Beach Bowling: Pool parties are not solely about water. There is only so much one can do in the pool for an hour or two. Also, you don’t want the other children catching a cold or getting sun burns. Organize a Bowling alley. It is easy to put together and the requirements are pool noodles and empty soda bottles. This activity will surely have the complete participation of the children in attendance.
  • Giant Jenga: Jenga is the perfect activity for those kids who don’t like water as much as a fish. You can make your own Jenga set and keep the non-swimmers entertained on the deck.
  • Sharks and Minnows: This game never ceases to entertain guests. One player is the shark and the remaining are minnows. When the shark says ‘Come and Swim minnow’, the minnows should swim across to the other side without getting tagged by the shark. Any minnow who gets tagged, accompanies the shark.
  • Flip Flop Fun: Each guest is given a pair of Flip Flops to customize. It is great craft idea for younger kids.
  • Floating treasure hunt: Treasure hunts are always fun. The guests need to have their own pair of swimming goggles. Throw small presents into the shallow end of the pool and have the children recover them. For children who are over 14, drop heavier sinkable items.

Food Ideas

  • Fruit Popsicles: A refreshing yet healthy coolers are fruit Popsicles. If there are two indispensable entities of a summer pool party, they are Popsicles and Watermelon. Put both together and you have the perfect hit formula.
  • Mini servings: After an hour or two in the pool, you will have ravenous children looking at you hungrily to be fed. Instead of offering regular burgers, offer miniature bite sized ones. A slider bar is a great option. Plate beef, vegetarian and a turkey option.
  • BBQ: A classic BBQ is the safest option.

For more ideas, visit gamecrazyparty.com

Zombie Party Game Ideas

Zombies are the new favorites in the party circles. Thanks to the games, apps, books, movies, and TV shows, zombies have found their long-lost glory at last. They are now a favorite among today’s youth and especially among the children. Which kid would not enjoy the idea of painting their faces and pretending to be eating brains while cruising around looking for well, humans!

Here are some fun Zombie party ideas for your kids.

Legless race

This is a great way to get your kids out and about and exercising in no time with a fun zombie game. You can play this game indoor as well, but make sure you have enough clear space around. You will need a clear start point and an end point. Place a fake brain, flesh, or a limb as a reward for the zombie who reaches the finishing line first. Ask the kids to lie on their stomachs at the start point. Tell them that they are legless zombies who have to drag themselves to the finish line to reach their food. No crawling or standing is allowed. You can even place some treats inside the fake brain or limb to make the meal all the more “desirable”. To add to the fun, add some obstacles along the way and let the kids find their way through them.

Red light & Dead night

This is fun game where you can start with one kid who is the survivor while the rest are zombies. The survivor stands with their back to the zombies. At go, the survivor shouts “dead night” and the zombies start rushing towards the survivor. Then, the survivor calls “red light” and the zombies have to stop. The zombie to stop last is out. This will go on till the zombies get the survivor or all the zombies are out.

Who’s the zombie?

Pick one child who will be zombie. Blindfold them and have the other children stand in a circle. The zombie has to go around and tag one of the kids. Upon getting tagged the child has to laugh. The zombie has to recognize the laugh and identify the tagged child. If the zombie guesses right, they become human and the one tagged becomes the zombie.

Zombie loves music

This one is the zombie version of musical chairs. Have some zombie music for this one, like Thriller by Michael Jackson. When the music starts the kids can dance and jump around, but the moment it stops they must become zombies again. The last one to stop dancing is out in each round. This goes on till the last zombie wins.

You can get in touch with experts like GameCrazyParty to throw your kid a party he will remember for a very long time.

Making snack arts

Image source: Melissa, Anotherlunch.com/

Snack art helps your kids to play games, eat healthy and be artistic all at the same time. There are a number of recipes to brighten up your child’s- and yours day too.

Cars made of grape and apple

Cut the apples first into half inch slices. Take a toothpick and insert them horizontally into two ends of apple slice. Pick the grapes and slide them into toothpicks. The grapes are the wheels. Watch your kids having fun before eating them.

Tree made of banana and kiwi

Take a banana. Cut it into half. Use the half as a trunk of a tree. The cut a kiwi into little curved slices. Put the slices on top of the banana. The idea is to make them fan out. This will make them appear like palm tree leaves.

String cheese octopus

You will need kitchen scissors for this. Cut the string cheese bottom in half. Make the cut about halfway up the cheese stick. Keep halving pieces of string cheese with scissors. Continue until you get eight tentacles. Make the eyes by cutting one raising in half. Stick raising into string cheese using peanut butter.

Volcano with hummus and red pepper

Put two tablespoons of the hummus on a plate. Then use butter knife and spread hummus to make a triangular shape. Then take red pepper, cut it into quarter inch slices. Position them on the hummus top so hat it appears like the hummus is spewing red hot lava.

Solar system

You need a banana, some cheese, a pear, an orange and a kiwi. Cut them into circular slices, Cut the cheese into a thin and long rectangle. This will form the rings of Saturn. Place circles on the plate. Put grape, chickpea and blueberry. Put a pepperoni slice on the plate. Put them in the planetary positions of the solar system. Orange will be the sun. chickpea the mercury, banana the Venus. Kiwi the earth, Mars the grape, pepperoni the Jupiter, cheese the Saturn, pear the Uranus, and blueberry the Neptune.

Flower made from strawberry

You need two strawberries. Slice the two into quarter inch slivers. Then arrange slices into the shape of flower petals. Take blueberries and fill the middle part. Use the celery stalk to make leaves and stem.

Scooter made from pretzel and veggie

Take a cucumber and cut into four slices. You will need them for wheels. Take string cheese piece and then insert two picks horizontally into both ends. Slide cucumber slices on toothpicks for wheels.

For more details, get in touch with Game Cray Party at http://www.gamecrazyparty.com

Throwing a Kids Christmas Party: Tips and Ideas

So, Christmas is almost round the corner and that means you’re going to be involved in a lot of parties. No, we aren’t just talking about being invited to one. We’re also talking about being involved in hosting one yourself, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’re doing it for a bunch of adults.

But, what if you’re called to host a kids Christmas party? Well, you don’t have to freak out because we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you out.


There are plenty of ways to organize the best kid’s Christmas party ever. For instance, you could start by getting together with a kids and designing your own Christmas party invitations. Get the kids to use their imagination and creativity to come up with a unique idea for invitations. Help your kids in any way possible, whether its cutting up paper or gluing things together.

Add Activities

Party is not fun without an activity to get everyone excited and in the mood. One fun thing to do at a kid’s Christmas party is to have a cookie decorating contest. It’s a simple and fun activity that hardly requires anything. All you need is some icing, some food coloring, a few squeeze bottles, some disposable pastry bags, and some sugar cookies.

Once you’ve got all the stuff, just let the kids set their imagination free.


Teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas by introducing the concept of sharing. You can organize the party around a charitable theme by asking everybody to contribute something. It could be food, clothing, or even money.

You can make the whole thing more fun by using creative ideas to collect the charitable donations. For example, you can stack food cans in the shape of a tree and ask kids to place their food donations under it.


Obviously, no party is a party if there are no games to play. In fact, a fun and challenging game is a very important part of a kids Christmas party. There are all kinds of games that you could play. However, if you’ve run out of ideas, Game Crazy Party can help you out.

With Game Crazy Party, you can rent fun, creative, and educational indoor and outdoor games for any type of party. Some of the most popular games on offer at Game Crazy Party are Portable Laser Tag, LEGO Sumo Bots, and Giant Jenga etc.

For more details, get in touch with Game Cray Party at http://www.gamecrazyparty.com