Bring Out the Artist in Your Kid

Every child is a born artist, said Picasso! Drawing, painting, craft work and building are all creative expressions have benefits that go beyond just keeping them engaged.

Research has even shown that art in any form develops other areas of the brain involved with language, memory, mathematical skills and social behavior.

The CIVITAS Healing Arts project found that art is a very effective therapy in children who have any kind of trauma.

So, get the art set out, and bring out the amazing inner artist in your kid for the next birthday party!

How to encourage creativity in kids!

  • Clay fun: The next birthday party theme could be using clay in different ways to create unique shapes. Let the kids experiment and mess around with lots of clay.
  • Fun with color: Another idea to bring out the artist is to allow children to express themselves using color. The colors could be in form of paint, crayons or different colors of clothes, scarves or stoles!
  • New paint brushes: New ways of painting can be experimented with at the next birthday! Tell the kids to find new things to paint with. Don’t be amazed at the list of things kids could come up with including feathers, pencils, and sticks. Kids are not bound by the rules of the world, and often make their own rules and boundaries!
  • Use everyday objects: Let your kids build something from everyday objects or scrap. For this, you would need to collect a few bottle caps, stones, shells, pinecones, old toys, spoons and unbreakable dishes. The objects can also be used to paint on a blank canvas or paper. Encourage kids to make their own unique prints by dipping each object in paint and printing or drawing on canvas!
  • Use unique games: Games Crazy Party has an amazing fun way of discovering the artist in the kids. Called Graffiti Wall, the kids can go berserk and unleash their creativity on the wall. The fun begins with taking a snap with friends or family or a pet, and uploading it on the wall. Digital spray cans and fun stencils and clip art can then be used to add any amount of artwork on the photo! Changing the background, to writing graffiti, there is no end to what the kids can do on the Graffiti Wall! The artwork can even be shared on Facebook for more fun!

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