Beach Birthday Party Games for Kids

After a long winter, summer is finally here. You no longer have to hold birthday parties indoors as you can go out and enjoy the fresh air. Kids love going outdoors, especially to the beach. So why not have a birthday party on a beach nearby? Both parents and children can have a great time. Why not make it an unforgettable event by adding a few party games for the birthday? Here are five great beach birthday party games for kids.

  1. Water Tag
    Kids and adults of all ages can have loads of fun with this laser tag type game which involves using water guns and soak vests. Put them on and have the excitement of your lifetime by blasting everyone with water. The vests measure how much water hit you and once the meter becomes full, you’re out of the game. Coupled with the sea splashing water nearby, it will an entertaining challenge.
  2. Fun and Fit Obstacle Course
    A family friendly game, the obstacle course consists of six enjoyable challenges with two teams that will get everyone off their feet with joy. It starts with one team member doing five pushups, followed by crawling through a tunnel, climbing over a mini wall, through an inflated obstacle course and finally ending the first round by hopping back to tag their teammate who then goes through the same course. With sand everywhere making it challenging, you are guaranteed to have a ball of a time.

  3. Sand Castle Building Competition
    Kids love playing with sand and building sand castles is one of their favorite pastimes. Form teams of two set a time limit and have them build their sand castle. Moreover, you can ensure that everyone gets a gift for taking part by providing prizes for the largest castle, best castle, unique castle, and more.
  4. Beach Ball Race
    To play this game, you require spoons, a pair of sunglasses, hats, and a beach ball. The aim of the game is to run to your teammate while balancing the beach ball on the spoon. Give them the ball, the sunglasses, hat, and the spoon and go back to the start of the line. The first team to successfully complete the race wins the game. The size of the team depends on how long you want the game to go on for.
  5. Blanket Volleyball
    Divide the kids into teams of four and give each team a blanket. Each player gets one corner of the blanket. The team that has to serve the ball has to launch it by placing it in the middle of the blanket and throwing it up. The objective of the other team is to catch the ball with the help of their blanket. The team with the most number of points wins the game.

These games are extremely easy to play and will keep both the children and adults entertained for hours to come. If you want to organize and make your party the best ever, contact Game Crazy Party.

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