Animal Themed Party for Your Kid’s Next Birthday

Ok, so let’s face it! Kids love animals and kids love parties. Combine the two together and you’ve got yourself the party of the year! Think about it, your precious tot’s birthday is coming up and you’re fresh out of innovative and fun ideas to make your kid’s birthday unique, special and something that he’ll remember for years to come. More than that you want to throw your kid a party that’ll have the other parents wishing they had come up with that theme.

And theme could be – Animals in the Outdoors!

Now if you have pets at home be it a dog, a cat, birds or even a pet rat then your kid is already pretty comfortable being around animals and it’s even easier to get started. The first step in planning your kid’s animal themed birthday party is, of course, sending out the invitations. Have customized invitations printed with each invitation having a different animal printed on it asking friends to join in the jungle fun.

The next and most important step is planning a theme for your kid’s party that is centered around animals. Here are a few fun animal party themes –

  1. Favorite animated cartoon or movie based around animals – if you ask your kid what his favorite animal-based cartoon movie is he’s probably going to say ‘Madagascar’ or ‘Zootopia’ or ‘Ice Age’, so plan his party with the characters from these lovable movies. Hire the costumes for Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo and the rest and have your friends and family dress up in them.Plan fun games like scavenger hunts (to find the squirrel’s acorn from ‘Ice Age’, animal races (to see whether Gloria’s weight will stop her from beating the rest) and ‘guess the animal’ which can teach the kids a lot about animals too. You can also add some obstacle courses to increase the fun quotient. Learning and fun pooled together will make for a great birthday party.

  2. Animal Games Apps theme – have the central theme of the birthday party fashioned after the extremely popular ‘Angry Birds’ game app or ‘Talking Tom’ and see the kids frolic and take photos with their favorite angry birds – Cardinal, Loon, and the rest. Have the birthday cake designed after one of the animal games or apps and cut each kid a slice of their favorite animal character!
  3. Mini-zoo – another theme that you could try out for your kid’s birthday party is to hire a petting zoo to bring animals to your home, such as ponies, dogs and cats, birds and some cool reptiles and rodents. Set up a photo booth where the kids can strike funky poses with an intriguing Burmese python or an iguana. Have pony rides for the younger ones and have the zoo staff teach the kids interesting facts about different tropical spiders. This party will definitely beat blowing up the same old balloon animals!

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